Your Spiritual Self course will show you how to connect with your spiritual self and use it as your guide to gain a new perspective on life and help you make the decisions that are right for you. 

Your spiritual self is the part of you that doesn’t just want you to survive, it wants you to live and live to your fullest. By developing a healthy, relaxed relationship with your spiritual self, you’ll find new and exciting ways to fulfil your true potential.  


  • Accepting who you are

  • What is your spiritual self?

  • Your spiritual self as your guide

  • Fulfilling your potential


COURSE LENGTH - 3 Lectures

DURATION - 1 month

CLASS SIZE - 30 spaces

HOURS NEEDED      - 2 Hours per week

FORMAT - Online Delivery / Live Lectures / Student Support

ASSESSMENT - Online Submission / Online Test


  • Develop a healthy relationship with your spiritual self

  • Learn to use it as a tool to achieve what you want in life

  • Awarded Short Course certification for Your Spiritual Self


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  • Short Course in Your Spiritual Self from Leaves Institute from the School of Philosophy

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