The Health and Healing course is an introduction to healing, teaching you how to heal yourself - yes, we can do this - and giving you the skills you need to take a truly holistic approach to your health. 

By examining how your body naturally heals itself and learning to recognise your body’s healing signals, you’ll develop a much deeper awareness of your own health and learn to care for yourself in a much more meaningful way.  


You may not realise this but we all have the ability to heal ourselves. The Health and Healing course is an introduction to healing and will teach you how to tap into your body’s natural healing potential. 

You’ll also learn to recognise your body’s revealing healing signals, allowing you to develop a much deeper understanding of your own health and how to care for yourself in a holistic way - mentally, physically and spiritually.  


  • Natural healing principles

  • Responding to healing signals

  • Understanding holistic health

  • Understanding spiritual health

  • Activating your natural healing potential

  • Attitudes to maintain health


COURSE LENGTH - 3 Lectures

DURATION - 1 month

CLASS SIZE - 30 spaces

HOURS NEEDED      - 2 Hours per week

FORMAT - Online Delivery / Live Lectures / Student Support

ASSESSMENT - Online Submission / Online Test


  • Gain a unique introduction to healing and start to heal yourself

  • Learn to read your body to understand how best to care for yourself 

  • Awarded Short Course certification for Health & Healing


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  • Short Course in Health & Healing from Leaves Institute from the School of Healing Innovation

  • Accredited by H.E.A.L.S