Our Story

Leaves Institute was founded by internationally acclaimed Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Yumiko Naka.

Yumiko has always taken a uniquely scientific approach to spirituality, combining two usually opposing fields to devise her ground-breaking Leaves Healing Methods™ that form the foundation of our teaching.  

She is a highly qualified Mathematician, has a Masters in Psychology and Psychotherapy, she is a highly regarded Spiritual Teacher, admired for her unique methods and advanced level of work as an Healer, Alchemist, Global Lightworker and Shaman.

Yumiko was also born with an innate spirituality and healing ability, from an early age she remembers noticing that she saw world in a different way to her family and friends and as she grow up she realised her unique abilities enabled her to help the people around her. Yumiko spent much of her young adult life traveling the world exploring spirituality, meeting and teaching from people about her healing methods. Her encounters with other healers left them amazed and eager to learn more about her unique methods.

It was at this point in her life that Yumiko realised that the best way for her to help heal as many people as possible, was to create more teachers like herself to teach her methods to to a wider audience. This was the beginning of Leaves Institute™ which was first founded in Japan, back in 1995. Yumiko became a sort after Sensai throughout Japan. She used education to change the lives of those of whom she taught, over the past 25 years her Leaves Methods™ have been used to teach and heal thousands of people worldwide.

In 2007, Yumiko decided to seek a new life for herself in Europe, she chose London as her new home, over the past ten years Yumiko continued to teach people to teach her Leaves Methods™ in Japan. As a result Leaves Institute™ now has a highly regarded academic team of Japanese Spiritual Teachers that alongside herself teach the Diploma Courses and Masters Courses to students studying at our virtual online Tokyo Campus.

Until 2019, Leaves Institute™ was only available to be taught in Japanese, and the Leaves Healing Methods™ were only available to be taught in Japan to people who have been lucky enough to have heard about the courses Yumiko offered.

Today Leaves Institute™ is a online professional educational institute, which offers accredited courses that specifically teach the Leaves Methods™ The courses are now taught throughout the English speaking world, using the latest digital communications technology and our virtual learning environment we now have online campuses based in Tokyo, London, Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, Melbourne, Perth and Calgary.

Leaves Institute™ now teaches online throughout 10 different time zones across the world, with the aim to teach the Leaves Healing Methods™ on a global platform, we aim to change our students lives by enabling creative healing innovation by teaching them to use the Leaves Methods™ that are completely unique and not taught by anyone else across the world.

Yumiko Naka, continues to be at the forefront of global healing innovation, alongside the Academic team, she still teaches online virtually to students of Leaves Institute™, she lives for teaching, and continues to strive to teach people across the globe to be able to change lives with the Leaves Methods™. She has also opened a healing innovation research centre, which enables the students and graduates of Leaves Institute™ to create, refine and develop methods to change the lives of people across the world.