Leaves Teaching Methods

The Leaves Teaching Methods™ are a completely unique way of teaching; at Leaves Institute we use five teaching methods in our Educational Programme for our Professional Level Masters Courses. Leaves Institute Masters Courses require a special way of teaching called Advanced Telepathy™. All Masters Students will have the Leaves Initiation™ in their first lecture, will then have the life changing skill of being able to use Advanced Telepathy™ within their learning. All Leaves Masters students will be able to learn and communicate complex materials from our Leaves Academic Lecturers using the advanced mental capacity developed by the Higher Dimensional Consciousness Method™.

1. Advanced Telepathy™

Advanced Telepathy™ is the transmission and transportation of information and images between people without using any known human sensory channels or physical interaction. This skill is transformative and life changing, it means Leaves Masters Students can learn and communicate using telepathy with their Leaves Course Leaders, Leaves Lecturers and their fellow Leaves Masters Students.

2. Leaves Initiation™

The knowledge and skills required to practise and learn all the content required within our Masters Courses will be initiated to all Leaves Masters Students at the beginning of their course. Once initiated, students will be able to use Leaves Healing Methods™ and Advanced Telepathy™ throughout their education at Leaves Institute.

3. Group Telepathy™
One of the advanced Leaves Teaching Methods™, the teacher uses Higher Dimensional Consciousness Method™ to teach and communicate with Masters students together as a group to encompass the holistic facilitation of the students learning. The Leaves Lecturer will also be able to answer individuals questions at the same time as teaching using Advanced Telepathy™. 

4. Jikochiyu Methods™ - Pronounced (Jik-o-chi-yu) This Healing Method is central to all Leaves Healing Methods™, Jikochiyu Methods™ enable and facilitate the bodies unconscious ability to self heal. This form of healing is unique as it allows the client’s body to heal itself, freeing them from relying and becoming dependent on someone else to feel better.

5. Higher Dimensional Consciousness Method™. Once our Leaves Masters Students have been initiated with the Leaves Initiation™, they will have the ability to learn and communicate using Advanced Telepathy™, this unique ability is life changing, it means that Leaves Masters Students can use Telepathy to communicate with their Leaves Course Leader and Leaves Lecturers, they will also be able to telepathically communicate with their student peers who have also been initiated with the Leaves Initiation™.