Masters Courses


Masters in Healing Innovation

The Masters of Healing Innovation Course has been created for those who want to become a professional healer and conduct their own personal research into cutting edge healing methods.

This course builds on the four essential Leaves Methods of healing learnt in the Healing Diploma, equipping you with more advanced techniques that will allow you to engage more actively with the healing you perform.

You will learn how to work on a much broader range of problems and will master the art of psychic channeling so that you can delve deeper into what people are truly feeling. This will allow you to have a much more profound effect on those you treat, helping fulfil their true potential and enjoy long-term happiness. 

Working closely with the students on the Masters in Lightwork course, you will also develop your ability to collaboratively carry out mass healings, improving the lives of many in a single session. 

As the name suggests, a fundamental part of this course is research and innovation. As a Masters student, you will be encouraged to develop your own healing practice, uncovering your unique combination of healing methods that you feel will work most effectively for you and your future clients. You will also receive all the practical guidance and professional support you need to set up your own healing practice and become a truly successful – and valued – Leaves Healer.


Masters in Spiritual Education

The Masters of Spiritual Education Course has been created for those of you who want to teach the ground-breaking Leaves Methods of healing, either at your own institute or as a guest lecturer here at Leaves.

As a student on this course you will be invited to observe Founder and Spiritual Teacher, Yumiko Naka teach her own lessons, to better understand the Institute’s philosophy. You will also also receive in-depth training on the Leaves Methods, covering a wide variety of different healing techniques. 

For us, telepathy plays an essential role in our teaching and it will form a central part of this course. It will allow you to learn all our cutting-edge healing techniques quickly and in your own words, without the influence of a teacher’s vernacular. This will not only make it easier to commit to memory, you will also gain a much deeper understanding of the topic. 

We will also take you through the more practical elements of becoming a teacher. We believe that finding your own approach to teaching is the most effective way to share your knowledge with others. As part of this course you will be given the support and guidance you need to develop and refine your own teaching style to become a truly inspiring Leaves Methods teacher.


Masters in Alchemy

The Masters in Alchemy Course has been created for those looking to fuel their desire to create and change things for the greater good by becoming a universally influential Alchemist.

This course covers the six layers of Alchemy (Fire, Water, Light, Life, Soul and Vibration) to add to the Alchemy of Energy taught in the Diploma. You will learn to understand the distinct powers of each layer and their specific characteristics. And you will discover how to combine the layers to achieve different results and formulate your own personal preferences. 

Having experienced your first awakening in the Diploma, you will now undergo your second awakening – also known as the cosmic awakening – that will allow you to go beyond influencing what you can see in day to day life. You will become universally influential, able to change things that you can’t see and that are beyond your immediate surroundings. 

We will also build on your natural curiosity and desire to make things happen. As a master Alchemist you will be able to instantly change people, possessions, environments all for the better as long as the desire to change is purely yours and is uninfluenced by others. We will help harness this ability and use it for the greater good in the world and beyond. 


Masters in Shamanic Healing

The Masters in Shamanic Healing Course has been created for those who want to become a Shaman, master the healing powers of this ancient spiritual role and learn to live in true harmony with nature. 

Shamanism has been around for Millennia and yet is as relevant for today’s world as it has ever been. 

This course focuses on spiritual disturbances. You will learn to connect deeply with nature and through that develop the skills you need to perform exorcisms and release negative spirits in whatever form they take. 

You will discover how to become a compassionate spiritual guide for people, freeing them from negative karma that may be influencing their lives and helping them find the right path to a full and positive way of life. You will be able to work with both individuals and their families, focusing on their ancestors and the spiritual history of their land to reveal a unique view of their issues. 

A crucial part of this course will be awakening your own spiritual authority – spirits will only listen and respond if you have this. We will work with you to initiate a very high level of spiritual authority in you, allowing you to then perform very high standards of spiritual work. 


Masters in Global Lightwork

The Masters of Global Lightwork Course has been created for those who want to become a professional Lightworker and develop their own personal research into improving global energy and vibrational fields.

This is a hugely rewarding and influential role that when mastered will bring a deeper sense of true purpose and happiness to your life.

The course will build on the subjects covered in the Diploma, equipping you with the advanced knowledge and skills you need to carry out Lightwork around the world and beyond.  You will gain an in-depth understanding of astronomy and sacred geometry so that you to work effectively on planetary alignment, which strongly influences vibrational fields. 

You will also learn how to balance negative and positive fields to create Zerofields and through that design environments where everyone can feel a true sense of calm and wellbeing. 

As part of the course you also will carry out fieldwork, visiting specific sites and purifying them to observe the effects. This will then form the basis of your research into improving vibrational fields.  Working closely with the students on the Healing Innovation Masters, you will also develop your ability to collaboratively carry out mass healings and help overcome global crises.

During the Psychosynthesis part of the course, you will be encouraged to connect more deeply with your own experiences. You will be given professional support to overcome any issues you uncover and guidance on how to use these in your role as a Lightworker to influence the world more effectively.


Masters in Psychospiritual Psychotherapy

The Masters in Psychospiritual Psychology Course has been created for those who want to become a professional Spiritual Therapist and carry out original research into specific psychospiritual phenomena.

This course builds on the Spiritual Therapy Diploma and combines theories and techniques from psychology, spiritual healing and therapy. The focus is very much on uncovering the contents hidden at the very depths of our psyche, helping people to identify these deep seated issues and work through them, freeing them from the effects and allowing them to enjoy a much more profound sense of happiness.   

You will learn how to identify and work on what psychologists call ‘The Primal Wound’ – the very first, deepest cause of people’s problems - and how to sensitively open up the unconscious mind to reveal even more about that person. 

A fundamental part of this course is research and you will be given the opportunity to carry out your own study into a particular area of interest, be it spiritual addiction, phobias, syndromes or your own psyche. We believe that in order to become a truly effective therapist you need to have a truly questioning mind and research is central to this.  

As a therapist you will undergo your own journey of discovery, looking inwardly to identify your deep, often hidden, traumas. With the support of our professionals you will learn to understand these and embrace them as part of who you are in the same way that you will help your own patients do in the future.