Leaves Healing Methods

Leaves Methods™ The Leaves Methods were all created by the Founder and Pioneer of Leaves Institiute, Yumiko Naka who has always taken a uniquely scientific approach to spirituality, combining two usually opposing fields to devise her ground-breaking Leaves Healing Methods™ and Leaves Teaching Methods™ that form the foundation of the professional education that we offer our students.

Jikochiyu Methods™ Jikochiyu, is Japanese for the body’s ability to unconsciously heal itself. The ideology of Jikochiyu is central to the Leaves Healing Methods™, at Leaves Institute we work with the body’s natural ability to heal itself, by enabling and teaching this method of healing, our students are able to offer a unique technique that encourages independence and freedom. Unlike traditional forms of healing which requires clients to continually rely on someone or something else to relieve them from pain and suffering the Jikochiyu Method™ teaches and enables the body to heal itself.

Leaves Healing Methods™ are truly progressive and are not available anywhere else in the world, they work in a unique way and are practical, inclusive, fast working, liberating and nurturing.

Leaves Healing Methods™


  1. Practical They work in harmony with all types of conventional and alternative medical practices.

  2. Inclusive Anyone can be healed using these methods.

  3. Fast working The effects of the healing are immediate and plain to see.

  4. Liberating They teach the patient’s body to heal itself, freeing them from any dependence on a healer.

  5. Nurturing They don’t just make people feel better, they help them become who they are meant to be; to fulfil their potential and to be truly happy.



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