Diploma Courses


Healing Diploma

The Healing Diploma will give you the life-changing ability to heal yourself, your friends and family. By learning the basic Leaves Methods you'll open up your natural healing potential and be able to heal the majority of problems life throws at us.

The course starts with mindfulness to allow you to develop a greater awareness of who you are and of your surroundings, which forms the foundation for your understanding of the healing principles. You’ll discover how the body heals itself naturally and through the practice of the Leaves Methods learn to harness this to heal a wealth of physical, mental and spiritual problems. We’ll also look at the concept of Starseeds which focuses on developing a person’s very unique purpose and the vital role this plays in the healing process.

What makes the Leaves Methods so powerful, is that by healing someone you will naturally open up that person’s own healing potential, enabling them to heal themselves as well – by completing this course, you will not only learn to heal, you pass on the gift of healing to others.


Alchemy Diploma

The Alchemy Diploma Course has been created for those who want to become an Alchemist. You will focus on practicing Alchemy in everyday life, learning to influence the people and things you see around you in a truly positive way.

Taught by practicing alchemist, the course takes you through the history of Alchemy, before building up the skills you need to take you to your first awakening as an Alchemist. Through alchemical practice you will learn to see and interpret the world in a completely different way. You will start to appreciate the meaningfulness of everything, allowing you to enjoy even the small things in life and be able to show others how to do the same.

And you will gain the knowledge and understanding to harness the power of this new, deeper awareness so that you can start to influence everyday things for the greater good and bring greater meaning to your own existence.


Spiritual Philosophy Diploma

The Spiritual Philosophy Diploma will take you on a unique journey of discovery to find your own personal philosophy that’ll give you a stronger sense of identity and a new found confidence in your chosen way of life.

This course will guide you through the essentials of philosophical thinking and help you understand each subject with integrity, allowing you to develop your own views on topics such as good and evil, destiny and karma, love and truth. Your conclusions and personal experiences will then form the foundations on which to build your own personal philosophy, which will act as an invaluable guide through life, giving greater meaning and focus to what you choose to do.

Together we will then explore the universal principle that ‘what is most personal is most universal’, teaching you how to use your personal philosophy to connect - spiritually or otherwise - with everyone around you and allowing you to help others establish their own path to fulfilment.


Spiritual Therapy Diploma

The Spiritual Therapy Diploma Course has been created for those of you who want to provide spiritual therapy, teaching you the skills you need to take a holistic approach to working on all aspects of the body, mind and spirit.

This course will give you an invaluable introduction into the leading psychotherapy methods and theories as well as the most pertinent elements of neuroscience. You will investigate aspects of body movement therapy, Gestalt therapy, counselling, Freudian and Jungian therapy as well as transpersonal psychotherapy – looking at brain development before we’re born.

You will learn the essentials you need to create bespoke therapy methods to accommodate the diverse needs of your future clients.



Lightwork Diploma

The Lightwork Diploma Course has been specially created for those who want to become a Lightworker. This is your foundation in the skills you need to work with the vibrations and energy fields of the world around us and the planets beyond.

You will discover the role planetary alignment plays on creating positive and negative fields and the effects these fields have on our day to day lives. You will learn the fundamentals of planetary gridwork and the key techniques you need to help you improve the vibrations of your surroundings and practice area cleansing in the most effective, meaningful way.

Through a deeper understanding of the core elements of lightwork you will be able to have a profound effect on the world, giving you purpose and a true sense of belonging.



Spiritual Education Diploma

The Education Diploma Course will give you all the tools you need to train others in an effective and inspiring way, studying everything from recognised teaching methods and course development to understanding how people learn.

You will gain a wealth of practical skills that’ll help you deliver worthwhile courses that’ll run smoothly and efficiently and motivate your students to learn. To set you up with the essentials for future, long term success, the course includes lectures on ethical business practices and protecting your intellectual property.