The Lightwork Diploma Course has been specially created for those who want to become a Lightworker. This is your foundation in the skills you need to work with the vibrations and energy fields of the world around us and the planets beyond.


You will discover the role planetary alignment plays on creating positive and negative fields and the effects these fields have on our day to day lives. You will learn the fundamentals of planetary gridwork and the key techniques you need to help you improve the vibrations of your surroundings and practice area cleansing in the most effective, meaningful way.


Through a deeper understanding of the core elements of lightwork you will be able to have a profound effect on the world, giving you purpose and a true sense of belonging.



  • Energy Purification & Area Cleansing

  • Vibration improvement

  • Cosmic Lightwork and Communication

  • Planetary Gridwork

  • Spiritual Energy Harmonisation

  • Magnetic Field Enhancement




COURSE LENGTH - 3 Semesters

DURATION            - 1 Year

CLASS SIZE           - 30 spaces

HOURS NEEDED      - 3 Hours per week

FORMAT                - Online Delivery / Live Lectures / Student Support

ASSESSMENT       - Online Submission / Presentations / Dissertation




  • Awarded Leaves Institute Lightwork Diploma Certification.

  • Certified to work as a Lightworker.

  • Learn to see, feel and interpret the energy fields around us.

  • Develop the skills you need to perform area cleansing and improve vibrational forces that impact our surroundings.




  • Anyone who would like to become a Lightworker.

  • Those who wish to gain the ability to feel and improve energy fields.  




  • Successful completion of the course will mean they are eligible to apply for a place on the Masters in Lightwork course.

  • First step towards a career as a professional Lightworker




  • Apply Online

  • Complete the Application Form

  • A date for an interview will be confirmed shortly via email

  • Once the interview has been conducted you will be asked to complete a short survey

  • Successful applications will be offered a space within 5 working days.

  • Leaves Institute Information Pack will be sent in the post to you.

  • Leaves Institute Online Learning Guide received

  • Log in Instructions completed

  • Start your online virtual course at Leaves Institute




  • Lightwork Diploma from Leaves Institute from the School of Lightwork

  • Accredited by H.E.A.L.S

  • Recognised qualification in Healing Industry

  • The Therapy Diploma certification is an admissions requirement should a student wish to apply for a space on a Leaves Institute Masters Global Lightwork Course.