The Healing Diploma will give you the life-changing ability to heal yourself, your friends and family. By learning the basic Leaves Methods you'll open up your natural healing potential and be able to heal the majority of problems life throws at us.

The course starts with mindfulness to allow you to develop a greater awareness of who you are and of your surroundings, which forms the foundation for your understanding of the healing principles. You’ll discover how the body heals itself naturally and through the practice of the Leaves Methods learn to harness this to heal a wealth of physical, mental and spiritual problems. We’ll also look at the concept of Starseeds which focuses on developing a person’s very unique purpose and the vital role this plays in the healing process.

What makes the Leaves Methods so powerful, is that by healing someone you will naturally open up that person’s own healing potential, enabling them to heal themselves as well – by completing this course, you will not only learn to heal, you pass on the gift of healing to others.



  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Healing Principles

  • Psychic Protection & Manifestation

  • Psychic Surgery & Acupuncture

  • Starseeds

  • Spiritual Disturbance




COURSE LENGTH - 3 Semesters

DURATION            - 1 Year

CLASS SIZE           - 30 spaces

HOURS NEEDED      - 3 Hours per week

FORMAT                - Online Delivery / Live Lectures / Student Support

ASSESSMENT       - Online Submission / Presentations / Case Studies



  • Awarded Leaves Institute Healing Diploma Certification.

  • Certified to practice the Leaves Healing Methods on themselves and their family.

  • Equipped with the skills to heal most physical, mental and spiritual problems.




  • Anyone who would like to develop their knowledge on the body’s powerful healing potential

  • Those who want to find a natural way to help improve the health of their family 

  • Those currently undergoing healing who wish to start to heal themselves



  • By completing this course you will be able to heal yourself and your immeadiate family. 

  • Successful completion of the course will mean you are eligible to apply for a place on the Masters in Healing Innovation Course.

  • First step towards a career as a professional Healing Practitioner or Teacher.




  • Apply Online

  • Complete the Application Form

  • A date for an interview will be confirmed shortly via email

  • Once the interview has been conducted you will be asked to complete a short survey

  • Successful applications will be offered a space within 5 working days.

  • Leaves Institute Information Pack will be sent in the post to you.

  • Leaves Institute Online Learning Guide received

  • Log in Instructions completed

  • Start your online virtual course at Leaves Institute




  • Healing Diploma from Leaves Institute 

  • Accredited by H.E.A.L.S

  • Recognised qualification in Healing Industry

  • Alumni of the School of Healing Innovation at leaves Institute

  • The Healing Diploma certification is an admissions requirement should a student wish to apply for a space on a Leaves Institute Masters in Healing Innovation Course.