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Training to be a practitioner

You can be trained to practice the techniques in Leaves Psychic Protection. The length of training can depend on individual preparation phase.

Preparation phase
Various healing and development programme in preparation phase offered distantly usually 5-10days. This consists of the following psychic and physical development work followed by essential healing:

Previous lives healing, psychic healing, aura cleansing, spiritual healing, energy healing, shamanic healing, harmony making healing, energy acupuncture, psychic surgery, releasing blocks (all as far as the target development to take place)
* You may be advised to undertake additional healing/counselling session if this preparation healing planned is not enough.

Developments (pre-training initiations)

Higher consciousness development (in the 5th dimension level)
Psychic development (in sensing aura/energy, channelling energy, etc)
Development of energy system for healing (aura/chakra/body)
Development of one’s unique energy (healing, protection)
Development of capacity to connect to angels, spiritual guides and helpers
Development of capacity to receive telepathic communication
(this is needed to understand complex concept and wisdom in preparation and training)
Development of capacity for empathic communication
Strengthening one’s spiritual support system: spiritual guides, guardian angels, etc

A package to be self-sufficient professional healer or valued individual in society
Practitioners are also trained not only in various protection techniques but also in valuable and effective healing skills good enough to become professional healers. The higher dimensional consciousness development in preparation to practice enables them to be more aware of different levels of understanding towards situation and the world to have useful and creative insights into situations as well as to access higher dimensional knowledge and wisdom contributing one’s spiritual self-expression like seers.

Your unique energy to master
The psychic protection energy developed in the preparation phase is unique to you enabling to fulfil your spiritual identity and heart’s desire to love through using and healing with it. Therefore you can feel the energy in your hand clearly and differentiate from other energy even if you never felt energy before. It also works very well with others no matter if they believe in it or not as long as they give you permission to practice on you. This effectiveness and originality to individual is true to all methods and healing Leaves Institute is offering. So enjoy your energy and practicing!

Professional level skills
Techniques to master are underlined. The training is to master them to the professional level. Clinical supervision by the trainers or supervisors may be arranged on request after training.

Module A: half day to one day*

Centring practice
Activating the most effective healing energy that comes from your heart
Basic healing skills for self and others
Healing your fear, hatred and anger
Make no efforts nor try to love, you will just love anyway
Energy of unconditional love
Fulfilling one’s purpose
Tuning to the ultimate direction of universal evolution and spiritual growth
Background and system of Leaves Psychic Protection
Understanding energy, vibration
Universal law of love, relationship and vibration
Understanding aura, chakras and energy flow in body/aura
Opening your chakras and energy meridian system for Leaves Psychic Protection
Understanding and making use of higher dimensional consciousness in practice
Understanding and making use of higher dimensional consciousness in everyday life
Manifesting your unique energy of Leaves Psychic Protection
Understanding and sensing your unique energy of Leaves Psychic Protection
Sensing aura
Aura cleansing
Leaves Psychic Protection
Practicing for others
Practicing for family members and friends
Respecting autonomy in clients
Developing good sense of boundary
Creating self-awareness programmes for others
Code of conducts and ethics in professional practice
Grounding practice

Module B: half day to one day*

Information and memory in vibration/energy
Experiencing the world with the understanding of vibration/energy
Spiritual phenomenon and vibration related factors
Energy cleansing
Cleansing objects
Crystal cleansing
Creating clear safe space
Spiritual issues regarding cleansing
Connecting to the angelic world
Archangel Michael
Angelic Healing
Angelic Protection
Working with Angels
Creating Personal Sacred Sanctuary
Creating Healing Sanctuaries
Managing Sanctuaries
Protection by symbols
Protection by images
Advanced practice techniques using higher dimension
Programming distant practice and sessions using higher dimension
Developing good sense of boundary

*Length of training day can depend on numbers of trainees as training includes some individual coaching and checking. It gets longer with more trainees, more to share with and learn from the others!

*Additional training to use more of higher dimensional consciousness and higher dimensional skills is available upon request for groups and individuals.

arrow Course fee
The following fee include preparation phase development and healing as well as actual training.
£650.00 in group training or £750.00 individual training
* No concession available as this is necessary to exchange energy.

arrow Other comments from clients

I can now think and sense clearly without being affected by others.
I feel now confident in my direction.
I can make right decisions for myself and enjoy the process of choosing what is right for me.
Much less stress is experienced in relationships with colleagues and family.
Relationship with others improved significantly to benefit both parties in positive way.
I like myself more, I trust myself more.
It became easier to receive support and help from others now. I can also ask for help more.
My intuition is now strong and useful in my daily life.
There is a positive flow of self-realisation in both professional and personal life in more noticeable form.
Channelling and meditation are obviously easier and richer. I feel safe to go deeper, too.
I feel comfortable even in a crowd now. I do not attract problems anymore.
My thinking and sensing are much clearer and I feel more in control.

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