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Psychic Protection Distant Session

£30.00 per one session, usually effective for two weeks depending on personal situation
£80.00 per four sessions effective over one month, renewed weekly

For adults, successive 2 month work is recommended to attain reasonable awareness of personal boundary. For children, 1 month work is usually enough to attain reasonable sense of boundary.

Create safe and clear space for positive relationship and communication
The training includes mastering the original techniques to cleanse space or places and to create and manage your own sanctuaries. Not only protecting yourself and others but you can create the safe and clear space where you can form positive relationship to benefit each other, and where positive and creative communication is possible.

Better and stress-free relationships
By having good personal boundary, having good positive relationship becomes possible. You can express from your heart, from the place of love which is the ultimate source of human connection. Stress regarding social and family relationship gets reduced, then you can appreciate more of each other positively.

Psychic Protection becomes possible through healing all others and oneself with powerful healing energy which is directly connected to one’s unconditional love. Therefore practicing or having Psychic Protection benefit environment and others around you. It reduces negative vibration around you, so the space you are in will be cleansed and healed just by having you; in training you will also learn to cleanse the place more actively.

arrow Feedbacks from clients

The relationships in schools and workplace are immediately and visually improved. Those who were mean to me are now nice and helpful.
It changed my way of relating to people totally. Now I can trust myself and others more easily.
I do not feel sick in a crowd, I feel more comfortable to meet people and create trustful relationship.
The ill feelings and reserve within my family disappeared.
I was so surprised to find the people around me including my colleagues became suddenly so kind to me. I feel much easier and happier in my social life.
I found myself now being able to make decisions without being emotionally involved.

Facilitate self-realisation
Psychic Protection provides the safe and protected environment that actively facilitates self-realisation. Whatever gifts and abilities that are protectively hidden do not have to keep hidden anymore and naturally unfold to be visibly active, serving the individuals to realise their potentials.

Mental, psychic strengthening
Having a good safe personal boundary enables you to have clarity in your mind and a good sense of self. Many report the improvements of following skills in daily life both business and personal:

mental strength
self-trust and confidence
logical thinking
insightful leadership
decision making
more insights
creative ideas

Ideal for professional therapists and teachers who deal with human mind, body and psyche
Therapeutic professionals such as psychotherapists, counsellors, healers, massage therapists, doctors, nurses who help others often get involved with clients and patients in various ways; energetically, psychically and in other dynamics. Similarly teachers in various field in its nature to deal with people’s psyche and mind, often get affected in strong energetic and spiritual influences of their pupils and particular dynamics in pupils. Leaves Psychic Protection can keep these professionals within their professional boundary without fatigue and waste of energy to provide the wanted service and supports to their clients with a high standard of clarity and insights. It also help them to be personally protected and save energy.

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