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Yumiko Naka 2010

Born in Japan in 1966, she grew up in a snowy rural village amongst mountains near the Japanese sea. As soon as she started to walk, she practiced tuning into the essences of lives and things finding in all beings the connection to the truth of the universe. Having discovered the universal rhythm, she communicated affectionately with stones, rivers, oceans, dragons and all things and kept the rhythm alive within herself. These practices were essential in her developments as a shaman and an alchemist. Some of her earliest recollections are picking up the tiniest things on the street with compassion finding joy to bless them (this quality was later reflected in her artworks as an painter), trying to put down a great fire caused by her meditation before her parents came back (she could not and it became a big problem), playing marbles by making mandala to express the space and energy, jumping from height believing that she should be able to fly (of course she could not but tried many times). She would often feel the need to purify things around her and she often found herself being asked for help by strangers.

In her teens, she became more aware of aura and energy field and started practicing multi-dimensional readings interpreted with the information found in aura, energy and physical vibration. She also gave reading to others who came to her for guidance; as it continued to happen since her early childhood. At the same time she found mathematical analysis useful to cross-check the results of her readings to analyze emerging phenomena. Restoring her previous life knowledge as British and other European background, she also started to think and dream in English to practice linguistic interpretation and translation.

Having a reasonably normal common sense, she has been also struggling to make sense of her personal life in multi-dimensions and paranormal thinking from age 2. At one point in her teens, Yumiko even decided to seek medical analysis in hospital. Her results were normal with only one un-commonality that her brain constantly released the theta brain-wave which at that time was not really explained so made her worry until it was explained by the rapidly developed neuroscience to be observed in deep meditation and with plastic brain that can make positive changes in structure.

From 1993, she had further shamanic initiations and lessons with paranormal phenomena to be more professionally committed to her spiritual path. As she left her high profile job in IT company in 1995, she started to support lightworkers, mediums, healers and spiritual leaders. She helped and advised spiritualism study groups, trained professional healers and monks in clinics and institutes. Over a year of her research in teaching and training healers through actual healing practice in these clinics, in order to support them by satisfying their needs in healing practice, she developed ‘manifestation healing’, ‘psychic protection’, ‘psychic surgery’ and ‘psychic acupuncture’. In early 2000 as she opened her own healing clinic just for 3 months by the request of the spirits, she devoted most of her time in healing sessions and training courses on her methods deepening her learning through cases.

She moved to London with her family to study counselling to reinforce her practice and also to research more about healing, mediumship, meditation and psychic development all of which she had been teaching naturally without any training but with her natural gifts. For five years, she only practiced healing and teaching really occasionally in charity organization, hospital, church and some schools voluntarily rather focusing on counseling and psychotherapeutic methods.
In Universities, Yumiko studied European literature (Ritsumeikan Univ. Japan), Technical Communication (Univ. of Minnesota, USA), Psychosynthesis transpersonal Counselling (Univ. of East London/Psychosynthesis & Education Trust, UK), Play Therapy (Univ. of Chichester/APAC, UK). The last two psychotherapeutic courses respected spiritual aspects in people and include creative expressive practices and meditation that are all her experienced fields throughout her personal life. Now she mainly trains and supervises therapists and studies the integrative Sandplay Therapy under John Daly (Association of Integrative Sandplay Therapists, UK) with emphasis on the transpersonal and alchemical aspects.

However she was again called to her spiritual mission to work with Japanese in 2005 as she started her MA research about “chaos” and then called to come back in 2007 to spread her methods in Japan by Japanese gods. After completing the spiritually requested work in Japan, she came back in UK in the end of 2008. In early 2009 she set up Leaves Institute in London to expand her work internationally. Her vision is to do what she does upstairs downstairs and live truly and loyally to herself.

Yumiko Naka


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