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There are many rocks on the path to self-fulfilment. We may hold all sorts of beliefs passed on to us by others that limit our potential and stop our growth. There are many voices inside our mind and outside that will sap our will and crush our dreams. At Leaves we will work with you to find your true sense of purpose in life, a clear picture of who you are and who you might become and then help you to follow that path – to the end.

My philosophy was founded in personal experience. When I started to teach healing professionally in 1999 I can remember clearly a special moment in time when I was overwhelmed with a sense of what I can only describe as ‘rightness’. A feeling that ‘I am meant to be here, doing this work now’. I was no longer worried about what others might think or what might happen, I just felt that ‛I am who I came here to be’. I realized I could only achieve fulfillment in my life by folowing my own deep sense of purpose and relaxing into my own natural rhythm of life. And so it proved; the more I taught healing, the happier I became.

As I look back now on that time in my life when I began to work with healing and spiritual teachings, it feels as though something profound inside me, drew breath for the first time and came alive. A feeling of new life, of joy.

That extraordinarily feeling has shaped my life and the Leaves philosophy. My work is to be, fully who I am, nothing more, nothing less. That realization has been like a well-spring for me, bringing new energy and life’.

That work now, is to help others follow their own true path to fulfillment and joy; to understand who they really are and they might express that through their work and life.

Yumiko Naka
Leaves Institute

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